Why Nevada?

NevadaCAM, local jurisdictions, the RTC, and technology providers are pursuing numerous initiatives to better serve our community and create opportunities for development of Southern Nevada as a Smart Community. Efforts include fostering regional coordination with public and private sector stakeholders in identifying needs, connecting with solution providers, and deploying technologies that support mobility, energy efficiency, public health, safety, security, and sustainability.

Southern Nevada issued the first autonomous license in 2011 and in 2016 issued the first restricted driver’s license.
The City of Las Vegas was the
first city to deploy an autonomous shuttle on public streets; the city will deploy an enhanced version of this shuttle that will use DSRC to communicate with traffic signals in a downtown route.

 Audi countdown to green: using real-time data from our traffic signals, we work with Audi, their engineers, and our traffic signal software provider to create this feature; Las Vegas is the first to deploy it in the United States.
Predictive analytics and incidents:
Las Vegas is the first city in the United States to deploy a technology tool used by traffic operations, the state DOT and law enforcement to predict and detect crashes and quickly respond. The company providing the service is WayCare.

A dynamic environment

  • Nevada has one of the most affordable business climates in the United States while also having easy access to large California markets and ports.
  • Las Vegas and the Reno area are both strategically located to other metropolitan areas and large markets.
  • McCarran International Airport is one of the busiest destination airports in the United States, and we have some of the lowest corporate annual travel costs in the country.
  • Las Vegas boasts first-in-class fiber-optic data connections, making it a national data hub.
  • Las Vegas hosts more than six million convention-goers a year, making it a hub for corporate meetings and events.
  • Las Vegas is a hotbed for start-ups with a dynamic entrepreneurial class centered around its downtown.


Nevada offers one of the most business-friendly tax environments in the United States.
Nevada has:

  • NO Personal income tax
  • NO Admissions tax
  • NO Unitary tax
  • NO Inventory tax
  • NO Franchise tax
  • NO Inheritance (Estate) or Gift tax

Sales Tax: Nevada does not charge sales tax on food items for home use, medicine, or services.

Property Tax: $3.1015 (Weighted Average) per $100 assessed value (assessment ratio 35%)* * Weighted average for Clark County. Actual dollar amounts vary by township/city with a cap of $3.64 per $100.00 of assessed valuation, plus 2 cents added to the state debt component for capital projects, for a total of $3.66.

Modified Business Tax: No tax on gross wages less than $50,000 per calendar quarter and 1.45 percent on gross wages above $50,000 per calendar quarter.

The Commerce Tax was enacted by the Legislature in 2015. This tax applies to businesses with annual gross receipts in excess of $4 million. Rates vary by industry type. Fifty percent of a businesses’ commerce tax can be applied as a credit against the modified business tax. The tax is paid annually and begins to accrue on July 1, 2015, but is not first payable until August 15, 2016.

Work With Us

As a needs-based business accelerator, Nevada CAM supports an optimized environment that aims to provide business prospects with collaborative and streamlined engagement with government, research institutes and local transportation industry.


  • Benefit from the wider Nevada network and ecosystem
  • Greater visibility across the local, national and global mobility industry
  • Efficiency obtained via direct and relevant engagement with government
  • Opportunities to become part of larger consortia projects (GENIVI)
  • New product and service needs already identified (problem statements)
  • Increased exposure across the industry by being included in the greater Nevada PR and Marketing effort (CES Events, HFI)