Mobility Challenges

Mobility Challenges leverage the needs and resources of the state as an asset to generate activity within the transportation in mobility industry in Nevada through focus projects and consortia projects, in order to:

• Provide the funding, opportunity, and forum for UNLV to engage government partners to develop solutions to local problems.
• Provide the funding, opportunity, and forum for UNLV to engage industry partners that would have otherwise been unavailable, such as sponsored research.
• Profile raising and positioning as a mobility leader in both industry and government.


Focus Projects
Focus Projects use the RFI process to identify single company solutions to specific low complexity problems. Focus Projects leverage mobility needs to attract new business to the state.
Nevada CAM will engage transportation and mobility partners at the state, regional and city government levels. The aim is to identify needs to form the basis of Focus Projects that in turn enables Nevada CAM to recruit technology companies from across the world. Nevada CAM provides the expertise and funding to the technology companies to test and demonstrate the viability of their product. This approach has the dual effect of solving local mobility needs and attracting new jobs to Nevada.

Consortia Projects
Consortia Projects will address bigger picture industry challenges that 1). are important to multiple industry partners and 2). make sense in Nevada based on need and/or expertise and resources.
Beyond personnel resources for program development and facilitation, Consortia Projects will aim to incur little or no cost to NCAM or the Knowledge Fund and will be entirely funded by the partners involved.
UNLV involvement in the development of new products and services will result in intellectual property licensing and revenue sharing. New businesses resulting from projects will be in Nevada.


Past RFIs

Portfolio based section that links to active or past projects (case studies) as applicable.